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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Awwwwwh!!! Fuck!!! NOT HER!!!

So! Ever known a person who you have hated and yet secretly admired? You knew she was better and and you hated for being better at something you liked to call "your field of expertise"? Well. I went through it and it angered me and made me feel small. I always felt like she had to get out of my way for me to get my chance at the spotlight. When ever she did something extraordinary I watched from the sidelines but NEVER openly joined in the appreciation she was receiving from everyone else.

Let's face it, life is a ruthless game. You need to push people out to get your own way. TO SURVIVE.
But don't worry, I never had the guts to push her out. she was too powerful and I was too scared. Naive , perhaps too.

And then you've moved on with your life and she's out. You're away. and suddenly she makes a presence back. She's weak now. And you are well, er... not better then what you were. Maybe the same you were back then. But now she's not good anymore. And you realise hey! YOU are BETTER! Well at least wayyyyyy better than her now!

You get excited . And your confidence grrows. She was falling like a house of cards and you were standing on the sidelines watching with disdainful glee. Were you happy? yep , you were going berserk with joy!

Do I sound sadistic? Ha. I don't care. She was a silent enemy. And now she's no more. I'm better. And WE BOTH know. ;)