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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fredinand and Wayward girl...

I am ABSOLUTELY in LOVE with Piazza, new york catcher (A song) from Belle and sebastian, a scottish indie pop band from 1996 who play 1960's pop , indie-pop anti folk and various other forms of music. Their lyrics are quite complexed, well structered and have this tinge of reality which makes them beliavable. Listen to their music if you like quirky singers with random lyrics like kimya dawson etc.

*This track was also featured in the movie, juno

Piazza, New York Catcher
Elope with me Miss Private and we’ll sail around the world
I will be your Ferdinand and you my wayward girl
How many nights of talking in hotel rooms can you take?
How many nights of limping round on pagan holidays?
Oh elope with me in private and we’ll set something ablaze
A trail for the devil to erase

San Francisco’s calling us, the Giants and Mets will play
Piazza, New York catcher, are you straight or are you gay?
We hung about the stadium, we’ve got no place to stay
We hung about the tenderloin and tenderly you tell
About the saddest ending of a book you ever had to read
The statue’s crying too and well he may

I love you I’ve a drowning grip on your adoring face
I love you my responsibility has found a place
Beside you and strong warnings in the guise of gentle words
Come wave upon me from the wider family net absurd
“You’ll take care of her, I know it, you will do a better job”
Maybe, but not what she deserves

Elope with me Miss Private and we’ll drink ourselves awake
We’ll taste the coffee houses and award certificates
A privy seal to keep the feel of 1960 style
We’ll comment on the decor and we’ll help the passer by
And at dusk when work is over we’ll continue the debate
In a borrowed bedroom virginal and spare

The catcher hits for .318 and catches every day
The pitcher puts religion first and rests on holidays
He goes into cathedrals and lies prostrate on the floor
He knows the drink affects his speed he’s praying for
a doorway
Back into the life he wants and the confession of the bench
Life outside the diamond is a wrench

I wish that you were here with me to pass the dull weekend
I know it wouldn’t come to love, my heroine pretend
A lady stepping from the songs we love until this day
You’d settle for an epitaph like “Walk Away, Renee”
The sun upon the roof in winter will draw you out like
a flower
Meet you at the statue in an hour
Meet you at the statue in an hour

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An Insomniac

My existence is getting hazy.
The lines of distinction between imagination and reality are fading.

The water colours are drowning.
The sounds are making waves.

My mind feels numb.
My body, grasped by horror.

And then, that blissful silent sigh.
I am finally asleep.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday , DIABLO CODY!

I almost forgot...

Have a great life and keep writing many more amazing scripts like this epic one!
You are the writer of my MOST FAV MOVIE OF ALL TIMES , JUNO!!!!

To all those of you who haven't seen the movie , do see!!
Its about a 16 year old getting pregnant , getting stuck in a pickle and eventually growing up by facing the little bumps in life!

A very sweet , cute , Pathetically well made feel-good-for-yourself kinda movie!!!

Just to mention one of my fav quotes from this movie :
"Honey , Doctors are sadists who like to play god and watch lesser people scream"

Do you need any more reasons to watch the movie?


Farewell, My love...

There is this quote I read a couple of days back , and I thought I had to write something on it...

“Sometimes we need to hold our head high, blink back the tears , and just say GOOD-BYE.”

Good byes have been the thorn of our society since time immemorial.I hate goodbyes, and truthfully speaking I have had my fair share of them. I hate the pathetic crying and saying "I'm gonna miss you", "Keep in touch" , "I love you". Bullshit. All lies.
It never happens. You say good bye and maybe for some time you do feel bad , regretful and you make an attempt to "stay in touch".... But how long does that last?

So , coming back to the topic. I thought I would dedicate this article to all the people I really did miss (for a period of time , mind you)after they left or I did.

If you have followed this blog then I guess you know the reason as to why I take great pride in being called a vagabond. (And if you don't know, then please take the pains to scroll down and read the first ever post on this blog!)...Moving on is NOT easy , specially if the person has become your habit. But at times, you just need to stop thinking from your heart and do the morally right thing. As they say, Be an adult. Grow up. Move on. Sooner or later the complacency sets in. Distances grow, time elapses, it becomes easier. Survival seems like a possibility.

In my opinion you say goodbye for three reasons or how I like to call them the "The 3 D's" which are


Now, the last two might be conquerable but the first, is a situation set in stone. Final. (Unless of course, you are a black magic expert or you hire one. But lets rule out this possibility.)

The lesson I have learnt is that everything is temporary. No one stays in your life forever. So when they go , forgive and forget.... because friendship and love may survive distance... but hatred, never does. Start afresh. Leave the memories behind.. and remember, They are memories now, NOT reality. Stop living in them and give yourself a big chance. You will make it, Eventually.

Best of luck,dear readers. This life is a sea, but to survive hold on tight to your surf board and wait for the happy waves. They will come, they ALWAYS DO.

P.s - Sometime back , I dint say goodbye to a person even though they were leaving. (The reason being differences).. so here it goes, if you are reading this.. this is for you..

I miss you , in an uncanny way. I dunno if I want you back or not. But for sometime, we need to stay apart. Farewell, My love... <3