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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happythankyoumoreplease - A movie review

I have to admit , I was biased before I saw this movie.


1) I'm a romantic. My favourite genre in movies is romantic-comedy. I'd choose a rom comm anyday to sit and cry my eyes out to with a nice big bowl of hot and sour soup (Pop corn is so last season.). And generally I tend to love rom comms which have a different story line rather than the whole rich-girl-poor-boy thing and somehow , the REAL critics seem to dislike what I love. (I'm restraining myself from adding a LOL here.)

2) I love JOSH RADNOR because of three reasons - cute , cute and super cute. In battle of Friends V/s HIMYM , I've always chosen HIMYM and I will stand by that no matter what.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Ten Things I hate about me - A Book Review

I just joined a new library and randomly choose a book with a girl on the cover page and some pink on it. Yes , I was depressed and did not want to read Salman Rushdie then. Some girl power , cloth talk , closet talk and boy talk would do me just fine , thank you.

Turns out I was mistaken about this one. This book didn't give any of that. The book is written in English easy enough for 13-15 year olds to understand. It lacks content , a good story line and the closest you get to talking about clothes is the yin-yang on a hijab.