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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Five lies the broker told me

Recently me and a friend were house hunting. Low on cash for travel, low on budget for a house and with two + 1/2 days and an exam in the middle, we started on the biggest journey of our lives. We don't need to participate in a khatron ke khiladi type of reality show because we have faced all that and that too in the MUMBAI HEAT OF JUNE!

We had a list of houses and list of brokers ready before we came to bombay. I schedule was jam packed and we waltzed all over bombay meeting atleast 10 different brokers and seeing atleast 35 different houses, all over south bombay! If you think this is easy, managing schedules and travelling, then you do half of that and show it to me.

During this time, we were taken very lightly, because two english speaking girls who are obviously not marathi are a joke for brokers in bombay. So they lied to us and even tried to cheat us. But here are the top five lies that made it to my list -

1) Madam, can you hear the sound of the train? This means the station is right next to us.
(The station was atleast 3 kilometers away. Ass.)

2) This is not a chawl! This is SRS. It's no where near a chawl!
(SRS stands for Slum Rehablitation Society and the aunty who sat outside her house was rolling beedis.)

3) Wait for me at the temple, the house is right there.
(Then he comes and makes us walk all way opposite to the temple, after the 3rd signal, into to lane that's as big as shivaji park, while he rides his bike)

4)  The tenants are there in the house. We don't need keys.
(Climb 5 floors, to reach such a house and wait outside for 30 fucking minutes because tenants are sleeping apparenlty. The entire neighborhood woke up with the noise we made, but not them.)

5)The tenants like right beside you so there is no problem.
(Of course there is a problem if the tenants live right beside me, I DON'T WANT THEM COMPLAINING ABOUT EVERY SINGLE THING I DO!)

Here's hoping no one ever has such a ghastly yet entertaining experience again!

Friday, June 13, 2014

People I follow on instagram and love.

I don't update this blog as often as I would like. Mostly because I'm a very busy person who has an extravagant social life. *Bullshit Alert*. No, The truth is I'm just lazy. And also, I get fleeting , tweet sized ideas and not fleeting blog sized ideas.

Anyway Instagram obsession has taken over the world. And yes, I am one of those people who posts a picture of every food item I eat. So if you want to follow me, here is my handle.

Moving on to the list, here are some of the people who I love to follow on instagram and I think you should follow them too.They are very unique in their own sense. Although I did want to post their pictures in this article I've refrained from doing so because that might lead to a copyright issue, but please do check them out on instagram.

1) @shayaar
No, he is not an Indian musician or lyricist but he is an artist/miniaturist based in Israel . His pictures will amaze you. None of his pictures are of actual things but instead they are made from polymer clay and are probably as big as your nail. He specializes in food items and he can make you macroon cuffelinks to cupcake pendants to red wine earrings. Amazeballs huh?

To check out his work here are the links for facebook, etsy, twitter and instagram.

2) @lunarbell_lunch

This mum creates amazing and unique lunches for her children. Want to make a box of plain veggies and bread sticks look like a unique owl? This mum is your best bet! Highly inspired from the Japanese art of bento, these lunches will dim any food creativity you have seen even in five stars.

Here are the links for instagram and facebook.

3)  @twosleepyowls

Going by the real name of devyani gupta (I think she's a marwadi too, and hence just awesome nonetheless), I know nothing about this girl. Is she an artist? Maybe. Is she a photographer? Better be! All I know is that I love her creative photos. She doesn't post much or often, but when she does it's a delight! I can't describe any of her photos so you will have to check them out for yourself. Devyani, If you're reading this, KUDOS.

4) @theepicureanrabbit

Incase you don't already know, I'm a catering college pass out. And god save my soul, I love trying out new places. But you know how you go to a fab restaurant , spend a bomb and cannot take good pictures of what you've ordered because of the terrible lighting in the restaurant? Yeah, this guy never has that problem. The takes beautiful pictures of food and fresh produce and is a delight to have on your feed.

5) @saranshgoila

India's fav young chef and also a catering college passout (yay!), this guy's feed is filled with good food, recipe ideas, and behind the scene shots from his various tv shows! One really nice thing about this guy is that he may not be able to reply to all, but he does try to reply to a lot of people who comment on his pictures.

Although he is present everywhere on the internet here are the links to his facebook, twitter and instagram page.

These were a couple of my favourite instagram folks! Of course there are lots more. Some other famous accounts to follow would be @talkingfood , @humansofny etc. The reason I didn't post about them was because most people already know about them!

If you think there is someone I must absolutely follow or have missed out please leave a comment!