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Monday, June 14, 2010

Farewell, My love...

There is this quote I read a couple of days back , and I thought I had to write something on it...

“Sometimes we need to hold our head high, blink back the tears , and just say GOOD-BYE.”

Good byes have been the thorn of our society since time immemorial.I hate goodbyes, and truthfully speaking I have had my fair share of them. I hate the pathetic crying and saying "I'm gonna miss you", "Keep in touch" , "I love you". Bullshit. All lies.
It never happens. You say good bye and maybe for some time you do feel bad , regretful and you make an attempt to "stay in touch".... But how long does that last?

So , coming back to the topic. I thought I would dedicate this article to all the people I really did miss (for a period of time , mind you)after they left or I did.

If you have followed this blog then I guess you know the reason as to why I take great pride in being called a vagabond. (And if you don't know, then please take the pains to scroll down and read the first ever post on this blog!)...Moving on is NOT easy , specially if the person has become your habit. But at times, you just need to stop thinking from your heart and do the morally right thing. As they say, Be an adult. Grow up. Move on. Sooner or later the complacency sets in. Distances grow, time elapses, it becomes easier. Survival seems like a possibility.

In my opinion you say goodbye for three reasons or how I like to call them the "The 3 D's" which are


Now, the last two might be conquerable but the first, is a situation set in stone. Final. (Unless of course, you are a black magic expert or you hire one. But lets rule out this possibility.)

The lesson I have learnt is that everything is temporary. No one stays in your life forever. So when they go , forgive and forget.... because friendship and love may survive distance... but hatred, never does. Start afresh. Leave the memories behind.. and remember, They are memories now, NOT reality. Stop living in them and give yourself a big chance. You will make it, Eventually.

Best of luck,dear readers. This life is a sea, but to survive hold on tight to your surf board and wait for the happy waves. They will come, they ALWAYS DO.

P.s - Sometime back , I dint say goodbye to a person even though they were leaving. (The reason being differences).. so here it goes, if you are reading this.. this is for you..

I miss you , in an uncanny way. I dunno if I want you back or not. But for sometime, we need to stay apart. Farewell, My love... <3


  1. really isnt has to move happens with evrybody.....