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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Grade ten in I.L.S. - A journey of a life time

When you come to grade 10 teachers bombard you with advice, threats, it’s not a piece of cake, don’t sneeze at it (Mrs. Mathews ever famous dialogue)…etc etc. But trust me you enjoy every day of your grade ten.

First you start the year with a lot of tension so you study diligently for the first month.

Next month competition in class and in studies brings in the cat fights, dog fights, this fits that fights. Some cry, some make a noise and some just stay aloof.

Then comes in the mischief. The paper ball weeks (when we kept hidden paper balls to throw at each other when the teacher is not looking) came and we called it “saving the mela circulars”

Then came the annual day practice. Oh! How I miss those days. Mobile phones and iPods became a part of the uniform. The whole class sang group chorus on top of their voices. ‘ROCK ON’ days were here! Bunking classes in the name of practice was followed by grade ten “satayavadis”.

After the initial rush of the annual day, prelims came brought in hard core reality. Exams after exams and boards were knocking at our doors. But the mischief never stopped. 6 am Gossips and shivering bodies became a well loved sight.

Boards came and went, grade ten came and went but none served as a hindrance to our ever mischievous minds. My advice to you (present grade 10) is “love it or hate it, you’re going to miss it”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS - This article was also published in the Ivoice but im not sure how much they edited it because i did not see it in its printed form. So this is the original version.

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