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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Who am I?

Well this blog is about me and my life so guess it deserved an introduction.
So here it goes a true description of “me on myself”

My name is Meghna. Presently living India (and wishing every moment of the day to be in Lagos ,Nigeria ) and going to Delhi public school. I don’t have the most fabulous of lives or the best of anything but I have been told is that “Meghna, you literally suck at singing , dancing and drawing but the way write, no one can write like that!”(Thanks Garima)

My life can be described in the weirdest of terms to be fun filled and also sad (opposites, aren’t they?). I say so because I generally end up finding funny things in almost anything and sad because I miss Lagos and my 6 best friends back there (ok, I know 6 is a large number to call best friends but they were all so amazing!).

This blog is called the Life of the cynical vagabond because many say I am very cynical which stands for critical in a viewpoint or judging someone’s intentions to be generally bad (and no I did not open the dictionary or Google it to write it here). Vagabond generally means a person who keeps moving from place to place. I call myself a vagabond not in the actual sense but as a term to describe my “ever moving around things” mind. But you could call me a vagabond in real terms also since D.P.S. would be the 5th school I am going to.

This blog’s articles are not all about my life but also contain my viewpoints and also some articles I have written over the time.
So dear readers enjoy reading my ramblings and be sure to post your comments, suggestions and criticisms. Thanks!


  1. Well i dont see whats there to be embarassed about :))...whatever youve written over here about a year ago still seems appropriate today...
    finally understood the meaning of your blog's name :D

  2. Ahan.. Well still.. Things changed, best frnds changed and even lots of truths from the above changed! Lets see how things go on from here

  3. 5 schools! I had 3 schools in my life. But I never kept anything form the past. I am good at moving away and moving on.