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Monday, May 10, 2010


The grey grass touches my knees
The darkness makes me stagger
I walk , Count my steps
Destitute , Estranged

I smell a rotting building
I look for a light
The narcotic seems to work
I fall down , Power drained

I look around myself
I am stuck in a city of zombies
Where hollow eyes stare
They speak of my alienity

Then I feel a touch
I turn around
Scared , Excited , Terrified , Panicked
I see a ray of light

I see your brilliant eyes
Not hollow , Not dark , Not empty
Just lonely
Rather solitary

You offer your hand
I hesitate, I look back
Then you hum a melody
I remember it , Distantly

I let go of my fears
I grasp your hand
You seem like a blessing
I am sure, I am sure of YOU

Years later I am standing
Here again
Feeling the same way
But you are still beside me

The grass is taller now
The rot still eminent
The black still alive
But we are still holding hands

You take a first step
I follow
We cross the land of sorrow,

We see no more of darkness
The devil is dead
The enemy defeated
The game , OVER

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