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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Losing hope...

Sometimes I might act clueless and sometimes I might get lost. That time I would want you to help me and find me. Sometimes I might try... really try. But that's just coz I don't wanna give up without a fight. But sometimes I doubt whether I fight to much , coz everything I do you make me feel like I am wrong , like its all always my fault. Its not always my fault , its not even yours but at times like these instead of going against me and leaving me alone just exactly when I need you to answer is not gonna help. Just tell me what to do. Coz all my right "attempts" are wrong for you and I have know idea what you mean by "right".If you want something , ASK for it.
I am tired of figuring out what you want. You know what I want and I know you can give it to me. We just need to start somewhere. Either start the end , or either end this stage of restlessness.