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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Don't Care no more

After very phase in my life I've been through some very hard transitions. When going from one phase to another , I've realised I become too careless and don't think about what the older people think of me , now that I have a new set to impress. But also , I've seen that people don't like progress. Especially if you are progressing and they are not. Even if you give them no competition what so ever now, they just don't like it. When they are in the old phase and they see you get foward , they get jealous and they start bitching.

I mean , get a grip guys. I'm not giving you any competition any more so why can't you just be happy for me? I'd like appreciation for my efforts , thank you very much.

I believe that during every transition you need to put the previous people you were with in two categories..
A) The important
B) The rest

It's easier that way you know. The important people , you take them foward. The rest , you call them a good memory and move foward taking the memories but not necesarily them with you.

I'm sorry if any of my readers find this blog post too confusing.. I just have a lot on my mind I need to say.


  1. what if the important people in phase 1 becomes the rest in phase 2?

    would you consider them important?

  2. It depends.. If they act jealous and bitchy too.. leave them and move foward.. you'll get new friends.. no doubt about that.