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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Life's like that.

They were sitting outside on the terrace on a crisp February morning sipping their green tea , reading the newspaper and making light conversation regarding their plans for that day. While casually flipping through the paper, he looked at her and asked her what she wanted to do. She was occupied, thinking of the work to be done to the roses in the garden and so she murmured a slow ,"I don't know."

As usual , he laid down her options for her. He said "We could either go to the club for a game of lawn tennis or we could either go to that wine seminar". Now he knew that she was a decent wine enthusiast and she was keen on going to that seminar. She knew too , that he wanted to play a game of tennis for quite a while and had just complained about his canvas gathering dust.

She stopped her rose musings for a minute , looked at him over the newspaper in his hand and said, "Lets go to the club."

He kept his newspaper down while smiling this amused smile. He looked at her for a minute and gave her this sly smug "I-know-you-very-well" kind of look. She returned his smile , shrugged her shoulders and said "what?" He said "Even after 14 years of marriage , you still cant answer a simple question with two choices, truthfully". She looked at him and she knew. She knew that even before asking her the question , he knew what she wanted and what she was going to answer. She was intrigued that even after being with each other for so long, they still learnt new things daily.


  1. you just expressed in words what's been at the back of my mind about 1 of the aspects of being in a close relationship...nice work:)...

  2. that is just so soothingly nice..someday hope to be in something like that :)
    From Lord Voldemort (you know who)

  3. Sometimes to people want to make each other happy , in doing so unknowingly they create such a mess and lose what they had,later when they look hurts like mad cuz that same problem cud have been solved :'( been there..
    From BloodyMary

  4. Thanks for the comments guy. Appreciate it :)
    @Bloody Mary - Lol .. thats all true tho this article is about the complexity and love (postive aspects) of their relationship rather than the negative ones