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Friday, June 8, 2012

Ten Things I hate about me - A Book Review

I just joined a new library and randomly choose a book with a girl on the cover page and some pink on it. Yes , I was depressed and did not want to read Salman Rushdie then. Some girl power , cloth talk , closet talk and boy talk would do me just fine , thank you.

Turns out I was mistaken about this one. This book didn't give any of that. The book is written in English easy enough for 13-15 year olds to understand. It lacks content , a good story line and the closest you get to talking about clothes is the yin-yang on a hijab.

The main character is a weak willed person who is ashamed of being a Lebanese and follows Islam. Her father is strict man who doesn't let the kids do anything remotely fun and blah blah. Heard that before? Of course you have. The girl then makes an online friend who she opens up too and shares her deepest desires with ,who obviously turns out to be one of her classmates in the ending.

This book's ending is very predictable. The only few good things about it are that it's a light read. Some of the characters are nicely laid out and some of the humour sequences are played well.

When the ending approaches you want to know what happens and just when you start enjoying the book the writer ends it.

I wouldn't read it again. But then if someone paid me , maybe I would.

Also, I probably didn't like this book because I'm 19. Choose a wrong book on a wrong day perhaps.So if you are 13 year old, do give it a go. But I guarantee you a good read (I'm not guaranteeing a bad read either!).

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