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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happythankyoumoreplease - A movie review

I have to admit , I was biased before I saw this movie.


1) I'm a romantic. My favourite genre in movies is romantic-comedy. I'd choose a rom comm anyday to sit and cry my eyes out to with a nice big bowl of hot and sour soup (Pop corn is so last season.). And generally I tend to love rom comms which have a different story line rather than the whole rich-girl-poor-boy thing and somehow , the REAL critics seem to dislike what I love. (I'm restraining myself from adding a LOL here.)

2) I love JOSH RADNOR because of three reasons - cute , cute and super cute. In battle of Friends V/s HIMYM , I've always chosen HIMYM and I will stand by that no matter what.

3) I love JAYMAY. She did the sound track of this movie and she is my favourite singer. I swear , the fact that I could sing along to all the songs was a big "wohoopie" for me. I mean I love jaymay so much that I would listen to her even if she turned country and started wearing a cowboy hat (I hate everything country except the rascall flats).

4) I saw the trailer when I was upset with the trial and tribulations of life and love and I thought it was the story of my life. When I trailer makes such a lasting impression on you , you know you have to do anything and love the movie.

5) Did I mention I would kill for a rom comm? *Goes through the list* Uh oh -.-

Now getting down to the review.

I loved it. I'm sorry rotten tomatoes , but I loved it. I loved each and every character , I loved the dialogues (and the lack of them in the right places) , I loved the scenes , the stories , the feelings. I loved the way the film used the music. I loved how the characters portrayed so much through their expressions that they didn't need dialogues. I loved josh radnor's unshaven face , malin akerman's beautiful performance and kitsh , over the top clothes. I loved kate mara's sassy look and confused expressions. I loved Micheal's (rusheen , the kid) sweet little puppy face. I loved the fact that the story was slow yet unpredictable. And I loved zoe's doe like eyes.

And I just realised that I've used the word "love" far too much and I'm supposed to give a critique .
I can't be bothered , really. I just finished watching the movie and I'd see it all over again , right this moment. I don't have anything negative to say about this movie except the fact that I would have loved a little more character structure (Going into their history/life and such) but I liked what I got anyway.

It's true what they say in this movie - We are good people and we deserve to be loved. So go out there and get yourself loved , Oh and don't forget to watch this movie and drop a comment  :D

Oh and do go check jaymay out , cuz I absolutely LOVE HER!


  1. most grateful, meghna. it's good to kno that yre stickin aroun should i ever decide to go country. keep writin and cookin and i'll see you one day at yr restaurant. to infinity and beyond . . . p.s. you are correct: josh radnor IS awesome!

  2. OMG! I think my JAW just dropped to the floor. :D
    thank you so much for the comment.