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Monday, February 11, 2013

IMBISS - Restuarant Review

Caution - If you are vegetarian , STOP READING THIS ARTICLE NOW. Also this article does not contain an flowery language , humor etc.

Okay. So once again I’m late. Should have written this review two/three weeks back when no one knew about this place!!! 

Imbiss when translated on google translator means a “snack” in German. Oh , and a beautiful snackery it is. 

Found this place when I was searching burrp for a new cheap restaurant in bandra. Owned by a previous banker, Bruce, this quaint little place is situated on waroda road (off hill road)It looks like it’s set right in the middle of Goa, specially with the two paged ONLY MEAT menu.(Maybe two vegetarian items :P)
The location is a little hard to find. But I’ll tell you a easy way. (See the map below that I drew) Remember the ferns and petals shop on hill road? Go ahead , before the cheap jack complex , there is a lane which is always under construction. So to the right of ferns and petals and left of cheap jack complex , take this lane(St peters). When you enter the lane to your left you should see ribbons and cake. Keep walking till you come across a cross and see three roads . Two on your right and one on your left. Take the first road on your right and you will find it in two minutes.

Now coming to the menu – It has Beef , Pork , lamb , some chicken and on rare days things like rabbit. It has the spiciest chilli pickle in the world. AND it has quail eggs.
The fact that I took almost 30 people in the first two weeks of knowing this place must speak volumes about my opinion on it. ;) Also , this review is based on the multiple visits I’ve made there and hence my opinion on the items I’ve tasted. The first time I went there was with my friend and fellow food enthusiast , Manali.

Steak - Beautifully cooked steak served with gravy, mashed Potatoes and veggies. Although one of my friends who ordered a well done steak , he received a medium one. But even considering this little glitch , it was good. One other problem was that the steak on all the plates were or different sizes and actually very small. But hey , who even gives you steak for 180.
Hamburger - Non greasy - brilliantly made burger with mayo and fresh veggies.
Momos - try the pork moms - Best Momos I've ever eaten. Perfectly cooked filling and the casing is also so soft and not chewy. They are a little expensive for Rs 120 , but totally worth it.
Sausages - I think one sausage for 120 bucks is too expensive. The portion is small. Nonetheless, have tried all the sausages on the menu and all are brilliant. I would recommend you order the sausage platter because in that you will get 6 sausage + french fries for Rs 180.

Ceasers Salad - Really well made salad. Chicken was smoked and hence soft :D I think the chicken was smoked and not boiled , leading to the softness.
Sandwiches - Don't order. Not appetizing for the money and very very small portion.

Milanesa Nepolitana - Okay let me describe this dish for you and then you can tell me what you think about! A slice of cheese sandwiched between two slices of ham, batter coated and fried. Can you think of this dish going wrong? CAN YOU?

Baby Back Spare Ribs - Succulent ribs cooked to perfection. A must order. The barbecue sauce is the best I’ve ever tasted.
Hot Dogs - They put Barbecue Sauce ,caramelized onions and mayo along with some lettuce and the dog. Too good. I’ve nothing else to say except too good.
Beef Jerky - My friends loved it , I didn't.

Smoked Chicken with mushroom and bacon sauce - This was a special on the day we visited the first time. (Along with rabbit terrine) The chicken was hard and not appetizing and the sauce tasted like a chinese gravy. Not nice :\

Okay , now enough praises . Let’s come to the negatives part.
This section can also be named - Advices for the restaurant!
1)      Please work on your consistency. Every time I’ve been there a portion size has been different. If you’re running out of ingredients for a particular dish , please tell me so and don’t give me half the thing for the full price.
2)      Get a liquor licence soon. I’m pretty sure that’s all that is missing to the “Steak+beer” combination which will make everyone crazy.
3)      I know you are suddenly getting A LOT of publicity, but please don’t change your prices. Although the singular sausage plates could be much more cheaper.
4)      Please remove garlic bread of your menu and serve some nice authentic goan/French crust bread for dunking into sauce.
5)      Arrange more tables , hopefully outside!
6)      You don’t need a license for this , so please do a dessert menu!

That being said , EVERYBODY who eats any type of meat , please please go there, it’s brilliant. Brilliant specially on a catering college student’s money.

Rating – 4/5
Will I go back? – Yes. OH YES! Until I’ve tasted all the items on the menu. And then I will go again.
Please wave if you see me, toodles!


  1. I still remember the day we went there and all that food, and oh my! I am salivating already!

    Totally adored those succulent sausages and the milanesa neopolitana.

    My verdict on the restaurant - Amazing food. Maybe they can add some more items in their menu. Decently priced, please do not increase the rates.
    Yes, please get a liquor license. It would boost your business certainly.

    And a humble request from a Dessert Lover (ME): introduce some mouthwatering sweet treats in your menu and I can guarantee myself as a regular at your restaurant.

  2. Manali, I put the dessert point from your side only :P I know how much you need a dessert after a meal! I've found a new dessert place for you!

  3. Hey, thanks for the frank feedback, got mixed up with yr names, Yes we got a long list on things that we gotta improve upon, The single sausages (Duck, Lamb, Bratwurst, & Cumberland) are expensive and priced accordingly, Yes the sausage platter appears more attractive on quantity and pricing,

    Guess wiill see ya both again....

  4. Hi. Imbiss is now also at 4th Pasta Lane, Colaba and serves up a wider range of dishes including fish, prawns, quail and also exotic ox tail and tongue dishes. Imbiss, Colaba also serves alcohol.

  5. Thank you darling. It was so nice to read this. godbless
    i had no idea what to order.