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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Don't get lost, love

I had a nightmare last night.

You were lost and nobody cared.
Some said you died; the others thought you were lost,
And some just said you disappeared for self peace.
They were so nonchalant, so unperturbed,
It bothered me!
What happened to those promises of lifelong friendship and inequitable love?
Didn’t you mean anything to anybody?
Didn’t they care? No gloom, no remorse, no misery!
I was furious! Was this a hoax?
I screamed and screamed!
I asked them a million times,

“Where IS he?”

All I got for an answer were shrugged shoulders and faint recollections!
I wondered what it was like to have a depraved heart.
I started crying, I couldn’t help it!
I was searching for daises on a desert!
I knew I needed to find you myself.
To show you the faces of these blarney imposters,
To prove to you I was right.
Now, I know am selfish but I couldn’t help thinking
When I go away, will it be the same?
Will I be such a rare and grave memory that nobody would even search for me?
Would you be there then?
Will you come back to find me?
Please tell me, you will.

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