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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Long Time, It's been!

Hi. Hello. Er.. It's been long eh?
Sorry , I've not been updating this blog. The purpose of this blog was to talk about random things I noticed, liked or disliked.. But in being oversmart , I've lost that somewhere. I'm going to try and be a little more regular now..

So here's an update abour me! - At the moment , I'm doing my internship at ITC hotel Vadodara. So incase any of you guys drop down there , do wave! :D

And since I'm doing almost 9-10 hrs a day of work + 1 hr travelling, I barely have any time to do anything else.
Here's a lame pic I took at work :

My new passion these days is twitter!! Oh yes!! As some of you may who are my friends on facebook know that i'm absolutely facebook crazy and If you aren't my friend , you can read about that here.
And since my blog is linked to my twitter account a lot of people have asked me to update my blog (You can follow me - @cynicalvagabond)
In other news , the last article I wrote , got feedback from Jaymay and also Josh Radnor himself!! OMG. (Jaymay commented on the my blog. Sigh , I can die peacefully now.)

Ya see? :D
Oh and I almost forgot to mention , I miss bombay. If you live in bombay or love it as a vacation destination , or just absolutely hate it , let me know in the comments below! :D
Have a nice day and eat a pizza. 

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