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Monday, August 20, 2012

A blog worth mentioning - Caramel Wings

This is one blog I discovered yesterday . And I've almost seen half of it! I LOVE IT! You know when you have that spark of creativity and inspiration and you want to make something complicated , then you google it , find a million recipes and get confused? Well next time , just open her blog and search it there! Poof , Stress be gone!

Some of the things I LOVED that she made/wrote about were:

1) Mascaporne Cheese - OMG. I change the channel every time they say this word on tv cuz I know I can't afford to use it . She did a homemade version which is so easy , cheap and readily available. Truly solved half my problems. THANK YOU.

2) Ramen - I love noodle soups. And frankly you don't get good ones in India! :( A big bowl of veg ramen (For which you can't find recipes online to suit the indian cooking ingredients) or pho makes my day and she made such a simple and easy ramen that it won me over.

3) ITC Buffet - I'm working in an ITC property and it felt nice to see my sister property being praised! :)

4) Homemade Pasta - I tweeted and told her to make some homemade pasta (So I would know how to do it since all online recipes involve using the pasta machine and I don't have one) and replied back the next minute saying she had already done it! YEAY! I appreciate a person who replies fast. *Brownie point*

5) Good reviews - If you have the courage to diss a free meal , you've won me over. Congrats . You're a true tauren and I feel proud to be associated with you.

Pstt.. She's also burrp's one of the 6 Foodies to follow in Mumbai !!
She's awesome. Follow her on twitter too - @caramelwings

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