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Sunday, August 26, 2012

On Positvism and Names

Have you read my blog recently? All my posts are all goey and happy and complenting other people and all that? Have you seen the wallpaper it's like filled with pink sunshine!!


This blog's name is "CYNICAL Vagabond".. C.Y.N.I.C.A.L. Vagabond. I should totally be dissing people and writing about things that I hate and that piss me off. I should be venting my anger against politics and people not recycling enough.

Seriously , What am I doing?

Next post onwards , I promise I'm going to write about something bitter that will make you gnarl. Hahaha *Cat Claws* Meow. Lame. Sorry.

Oh Btw , I was at work today and I saw this glass painting signed "Shish". And I thought WOW , this must belong to a guy named ashish , maybe. Then I thought that he probably named it that way cuz of shish being sheesha (Glass) . And then the next thing that came into my mind was that his twitter handle should be AShishKebab - A SHISH KEBAB . Get it ? GET IT? Yeah , I thought I was creative too. Lol. #AddictedToTwitter .

Hahaha. My friend priya's twitter handle is "Priyoritized " as in priortised . The first time I read it i was totally shocked and just smiled to myself for two minutes. And then there's this pretty awesome guy whose name is URBAN SANYASI . Like how cool is that. Totally an oxymoron.( I smiled for two minutes after I understood this one too) I thought that was so creative. I felt guilty and thought I should have a supercool twitter handle too. Like this. Something which is a spoof or involves wordplay, ya know?

So I put on my thinking cap and came up with - TADA - *DRUMROLL*

Meghnanimous - As in magnanimous .

Maybe , I'm just going through a very positive phase. Shemur!! :( (Whaddup Superwoman reference!!!)

So if you know anyone with an awesome twitter handle or you are one of the people mentioned in the article , leave me a shout out below or on twitter! Have a good night , you.

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