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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I solemnly swear everyword written in this article is the truth.

So.. addictions huh? what does it bring to your mind? Coccaine.. heroin? sniffing? smoking drinking?

I am addicted to something even more grave and dangerous.

Seriously, its all I think about day and night.
Every happy moment, sadness, doubt etc goes on facebook.
When we go out, while clicking photos we talk about what comments we are gonna get, and what are gonna be the captions!
I await replies to my comments. I check my facebook several times in the middle of the night , before going to school and after coming home.. Thanks to mobile facebook...Yes, thats how bad I am addicted!

You should see me and my bestfriend.. If anything remotely hilarious happens.. we high five each other and say "THIS CALLS FOR A STATUS!!!" ... Our major everyday conversation concerns facebook. Seriously. I need rehab.

Oh, and I am also addicted to my ipod. ;)

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