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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Science Vs Commerce! (ARGH)


We all have those times in our lives, when at some age we believe in something.
Like when we are 5 we believe in Santa
Like when we are 10 we believe school will never end.
And 16 if you are a science student you think you are superior than the others and that commerce/arts people are dumb, they never need to study and their life is a piece of cake.


Like all of these above mentioned situations/thoughts, you realise sooner or later.. they are false! There is NO Santa, school does end, and SCIENCE PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE MORE BRAINS OR DO NOT STRUGGLE MUCH MORE THAN COMMERCE/ARTS PEOPLE!

Argh. I just had to write this article. I am so frustrated with our entire society.
When I was in 10th people asked me what I wanted to do. I solemnly looked up and answered "Hotel Management". Then they asked me, "You are gonna take science for that right?" and I would pierce into their eyes and say "NO. I WILL TAKE COMMERCE."

Not surprisingly my reaction and their words haven't changed. Its been two years and I still get the whole OMG-WHY-DID-YOU-TAKE-COMMERCE taunt.

So, once and for all I will answer this question and then I want everybody TO SHUT THE HECK UP.

What do science people do anyway? "slog" their asses daily. Study for A MILLION stupid entrance exams, give those entrances.. get a degree in engineering, do an MBA and then ULTIMATELY WORK IN THE CORPORATE SECTOR! The same sector of the tainted COMMERCE PEOPLE! Yes! Now really, I find it senseless to waste so many years in science insulting commerce, when you ultimately enter into the same field and you EARN DAMN BUCKS FOR IT!

Now, Some rare science students may actually go into some RARE science fields, but for the rest of them, Oh, well!

All these people who give millions of entrances to get into IIT... do so.. then get a MBA.. and then write crappy books with wrong english, about their failed lives and lustrous love affairs and non-existent salary packages. LIKE CHETAN BHAGAT. Seriously. Take his example. IIT. IIM. and then a job in a bank! WTF!

And just for stating a fact, let me tell you this, commerce isn't easy! Try learning a MILLION DIFFERENT FORMULA in accounts, SO many different ADJUSTMENTS.. then doing a sum which is for 8 marks in one hour and GETTING THE ANSWER WRONG! I would like to see your sorry subdued faces after that, SCIENCE SUCKERS!

Now, Now! I am not prejudicing here. I am not also saying Science is easier than commerce, all I am asking is for that little bit of respect we deserve in the society. All I am asking for is not to get that "sorry" look on any body's face when I say "I took commerce".
I am proud about it and I want to be able to show the whole world my feelings.

Yes. I took commerce and I don't regret a single minute of it.


  1. i still say that i took science and im proud of it :D ... :P .... either way ..k it depends in how u look at it... at the end of the day u do what u feel is right for u .. not what others think is right ! ...

  2. I no.. but thts not my point.
    My point is that we comm people should be looked upon as equals.. not as people who tok comm coz they dint have a choice.

    we did have a choice, and we took wht was right for us. The schools prjudice more by giving add into comm to anyone while for scnce they need high percentages and all that.

  3. i like the article bt dislike the part which says tat we comm ppl should get little bit of respect,y should we get little bit of it we r no less than science science n commerce should be equally respected...

  4. Thats just a figure of speech vib.
    Of course I mean full respect!

    Thanks for your comment!

  5. You yourself are going into the same path of criticizing the opposite streams. Both are equally hard and well actually i think the stream i wanted was a mixture of both but nah, the present system makes you trapped in one shitty stream at an age which i think i was too silly to decide.

  6. ell.. I dint say science wasnt hard..
    i just said comm is hard ALSO!

  7. Meghna, The debate of science vs Commerce is as old as who came first-chicken or egg? Each stream has its own plus and minus points and in this fast paced money minded world, of course commerce would come on top and I am surprised that you still had to face dampening questions about your choice.

    Personally, I am a science graduate, who loved all the mystery of chemistry, sociology of biology and the physicality of physics. And later on I majored in Arts, quenching my thirst, while sipping the nectar of some of the greatest word makers of our world. And, I must say that I more than enjoyed both the phases of my life, despite many people telling me that I am going downstream from Science to Arts.Well, somethings never change!


  9. Hello maam,i have rescently given my SSC xams, and after going through ur article i m motivated to pursue commerce,my dad belong to the same stream and doesnt seem to be forcing me on either sides,even though i love science my marks in maths r going worse day by day....only my chem. Is a bit commendable,i dont specifically know we CBSE board students have any specific subject related to commerce,i have a great and a good history of good marks in the subject of economics which is a part of SST in The CBSE board,i m really confused wat sud i pursue as soon as i get my result,i dont know wat it actually needs to be a CA,i would be really be pleased if u could elaborate ur debate.....