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Sunday, August 22, 2010

How not to Study Accounts for an exam. (Top ten ways)

Well today is Sunday and I have my accountancy exam on Thursday so its only appropriate for me to write a guide on "How to NOT study accounts".

1) Make mistakes.
2) Its time to bring out those paint brushes and show some creativity.
3) Drink 5 bottles of coke in 3 hrs.
4) Go to maths tuitons
5) Its healthy to discuss gossip on the phone at 3 in the night.
6) Facebook all day long and ask people how much they have done.
7) Keep freaking out when you hear other peoples answer to the above question.
8) Go out shopping to stock up for all the whole nighters and spend your time
reading the dietary information provided behind every packet of chips.
9) Charge your laptop, cell phone, ipod and camera to take idiotic photos, for sms-ing and listening to linkinpark on loud volume .
10) Blog about all the things you are not supposed to do and make everyone think you actually tried the above.


  1. Misleading...a/c haters like myself may actually get tempted totry the above mentioned ! I HATE A/C !!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. full preps have been done.........undoubtedly !!!............
    i thnk the 6th and 7th were the most appropriate once........
    nicely written

  4. Hey thanks.. well duh, prep was done.. and it made me mad I scored soo less!

  5. UR THE MOST IDLE PERSON ON THIS GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!....LOSER.....jk.....but really this is a hypocritical statement coming from an accounts lover like u

  6. Accoutancy exam is on tuesday.
    not thursday.
    - Darpan

  7. @darpan - This was written during the half yearly times.

    Yes, I'm an accounts lover who is fed up right now

    (Coming again from cynical vagabond who must really scolded for not signing in)

  8. dear megpie, there is nothing 2 study 4 a|c as it is like maths calculations. so if u know your entries well..all is welllllll...