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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The day the dog entered our class!

I still can't STOP laughing on the epic scene that took place in my economics tuition two days ago.. A DOG ENTERED OUR CLASS!

Now, Lets start with the demographics.
In my tuition we are 9 girls.
Where 4 of them are SHIT SCARED of dogs.. 1 is more or less indifferent.. and rest 4 of us are crazy dog lovers.. Though I don't like street dogs much.. still!

So we were on break and the teacher wasn't there.. the door was open and this dog walks in like he is a king who has just entered his kingdom!

And then the frenzy started!! OMG! Everyone started screaming and us dog lovers tried to shoo the poor thing out.. while the rest of them screamed and yelped in fright!!

Three of them climbed on a bed and the other one hung from a curtain pole.. and screamed and laughed and cried..

And what did I do in all this frenzy, you ask? I went to my bag and quietly removed my camera and started snapping photos of this hilarious scene!

The dog wouldn't go out.. and it was like he was enjoying a zoo!
Really, I never thought Humans would provide so much of entertainment for an animal!

Finally he left... and we laughed and sighed in relief all at once... locked the door.. and started talking about this scene we would tell each other about years from now.!!!


  1. AHAHAHA !!!.....LOL .... CLIMBED ONTO THE CURTAIN POLE ?MADNESS:P ....... wish id have bn there :P ... this looks like soo much fun ... n anice way to waste time in classes :P ;)

  2. LOL! yea.. amazing fun :P
    Haha.. cant imagine last yr of school, it is..
    but im glad these are the kinda memories I will take away from here!