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Friday, July 30, 2010

Conteplatative thoughts...

I have realised that when I try really hard.. nothing seems to come off from it.
But when I give up all the trying and I couldn't care less, that time everyone seems to suddenly like me... Its not only shocking but recurring..

So, I was wondering.. When we are trying really hard.. Do we give up being "us", and become some other person instead? Some other person who we think would be liked better by everyone?


  1. Yep...i think so...our friends like us for who we are...i mean, thats why they wanted to be friends in the 1st place,cause they like "us".
    Also, when youre trying hard to be a better person, you notice every person who ignores youre efforts. But when youre just being yourself, you are not expecting people to notice you, so its always a pleasant surprise when someone does, and that very conveniently blinds us from the people who do not like you for who you are ...:))