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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Eternal Unearthly Question!

OK. so again today someone asked me "Why do you write a blog when you can post the same stuff on facebook and ACTUALLY GET responses"

So here goes my answer to this.
I write a blog because it gives me mental satisfaction! (There, I said it!)
Yes. I can rant and rave and rant some more about anything and everything here.
It doesn't need to be prefect or even have correct grammar... and most importantly,
I don't need to polish all my articles.. I can just be brutally honest (read as "being me")..
Plus , I guess I have a more selective and submissive audience here.
I mean .. on facebook any crazy demented lunatic might be reading my work..
But on a blog someone either very bored .. or one of my followers would be reading it.

Haha. So I can write a blog entry of one line or three pages and not be worried about it!
So that's why I blog. Well, also because I wanna document my life for my future adopted kids.. But thats a different matter altogether!

Ciao! And happy blogging!