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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Hate Love storys - A review

The Verdict - ★★★

The Review

CHEESY - This is only word which sums up this entire movie. YET, it’s a cute gooey and crazy kinda cheesy... like a good, well matured gruyere. The protagonist himself reveals the entire story in the starting itself. This is that kind of a movie in which the love stories starts with hatred..turns into friendship... the girl falls in love with the guy.. the guy is the casanova type.. and says "Maine to tumha hamesha ek dost ki nazar se dekha hain".. the girl cries.. moves on.. the guy sees her with another guy.. gets jealous.. realises he really loves her.. proposes.. she cries.. they hug.. THE E.N.D.

This is that kind of a movie and MUCH MORE.
The main character Jay, played by Imraan Khan is just one of those guy friends who you have known your entire life... The kind of friend who has made you laugh when you needed it, the kind who always knew how to get into trouble and out of it... the guy who always got teased for his ever changing taste in the better half of the world. The girl Simran, played by Sonam kapoor is again like the best friend who you almost had. The one who was always perfect and got the most perfect things(Damn, that bedroom made me go weak in the knees) and was yet down to earth and oh-so-nice.

The actors have done a good job. The acting has some pockets of bad emotions but otherwise a good and well layered act. The movie is bright and colourful, punctuated with witty remarks and sarcastic comebacks. The sets are well chosen , the clothes well tailored and the jokes on bollywood well spiced. The music is seasoned enough to go with the temperament of the actors. The script is nothing great, new or refreshing, but what holds the movie together is probably the chemistry of all the actors share.

This is movie is recommended if you have a day off and nothing better to do.. or maybe you would just like to watch a light movie ... or for a dose of laughter.. or for some nice memories with friends?

Just find a damn reason and get to the halls! It’s a must one time watch.

See the movie for - The clothes, the one liners, Imran Khan (sigh) and The beautiful sets
Miss the movie for - The same old and predictable story.

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