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Sunday, July 25, 2010

I know. I know. I'm Sorry!!!

Hey-low, folks!
So I have been busy and sick.. and I know I haven't posted anything in a week!!! I'm so sorry!

Anyways , the recent book on my bookshelf is Julie and Julia by Julie Powell..
Even though I am a BIG CULINARY FAN and my TV schedule consists of cooking shows on the travel channel and some desperate house wives/How I met your mother, Julie completely DISAPPOINTED ME!!! The book is boring and dragging and even the rave reviews couldn't keep me going on this one.

She uses big words and complicates what should be written simply. Also, she confuses the reader with past and present and I for one REALLY do not understand all her tantrums in the book. So, at page no 197 I have finally given up reading it!

My friend says the movie is very nice, so I guess for the FIRST TIME ever, Ill keep the book aside and just catch the movie with some buttered pop corn.

And she calls her blog readers "bleaders"!!! Ew!! Don't worry, folks! I'd never put you through SUCH mental torture! That ghastly word just reminds me of blood and guts and earthworms!! Eeeeeewwwwwww!!! I wonder what was so wrong in "Blog readers." Maybe if she took the ending of the first word and the starting of second she would have come up with "Ogre". Ruthless, Ain't it?!

OK, OK, OK. I know I'm rambling now.. But , I cant help it! I'm blogging after AN ENTIRE WEEK!

So take care , Bleaders (Ew.. did I just say that?.. I am soo sorry! Now ill have to sanitize my hands).. I mean.. er.. BLOG READERS!!!


  1. impressed that you dont even think its a tough job to come up with something new to write every week..thumbs up to you!

  2. lol.. I try to write every once in two days!
    And generally I do find something to write about! :)

    It's all good!