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Thursday, July 29, 2010

A new find! :D

Do you know how it feels when you stumble upon an artist playing a soothing a tune.. you google the name.. download a few songs.. and feel your life has been written by someone else in the form lyrics?

Well, this is how I felt when I first Jaymay's song "Sea Green, See blue" on the season finale of How I met your mother (Second season).

I heard the music, went and googled the lyrics.. found the artist and downloaded the first song titled "Gray or blue".

And oh my god.. I feel in love with that song on an instant...


And turns out she is also an anti folk sort of singer.

I mean come one, It takes a genius to write a line such as

"You haven't written to me in a week,
I am wondering why that
Are you nervous to be lovers?
Friendships ruined with just a kiss."

Do leave a comment if you ever stumbled upon, any such "feel-good" artist, who made your day and gave you a reason to sing all day long in the frog croak of a voice you have inherited.

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