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Friday, July 2, 2010

RAIN RAIN, Don't go away!

I just love the entire monsoon weather! Maybe that's because my name means rain...
Or maybe just one of those things in life you really connect to..

I love drinking hot and sour soup.. and rain dancing... and cuddling in a blanket and falling blissfully asleep at odd hours while listening to the rain..


What a feeling of enraptured delight...!!!

Before the rains when the winds are blowing and the clouds are gathering, I close my eyes and wish they don't drift away!

The kids playing on the street... the dogs barking.. the latest gossip being discussed and brewed along with tea and some hot pakoras!!!

I always wondered what I would answer if someone ever asked me about my ideal day..
I guess I know one thing now... That whatever may be the day, if it has the word "rain" it.. thats what will be my ideal day!

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