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Sunday, July 25, 2010

An old memoir

Maybe If I had a guitar,

I would have been singing a song.

I took a step forward and drowned my world in a chocolate bar.

But since I can't sing, so I decided to write a poem all night long.

And tell you about all the million ways,

You left me morosely alone.

I raise the white flag in defeat, console myself and say "Misery pays"

I tried to cry but the tears won't come, so instead I just gave into a groan.

Trial and error is not the design.

Relationships don't need to have a pattern.

They are just supposed to be filled in with sunshine.

You go along the path and you fall and you learn.

Who doesn't go through bad times and gloom?

But I will always remember you for something, blessed or cursed.

Coz you will be the only person with whom,

I would share many phrases starting with the word - "First."

I tried to guess the tint,

But maybe I never looked into your eyes.

Whisky and soda or lemon and mint?

I should have held your hands and stared into them before the goodbyes.

I felt like hiding in a room,

Dark and musty and crumbling,

When I first thought of how I would resume.

Two months down and you think of coming back, stumbling.

I was never sure but sometimes I thought you took pity.

I still have that red rose,

and those memories 30 kilometers away from the city.

Tell me something, When I stuck up my bull nose

Did it make you also feel so giddy?

It was all so clear,

too simple from the start.

We tried to hard, dear.

I guess we were meant to part.

But After 5 months of trying,

Maybe you became one of my addictions.

Coz whenever we were away, I'd spend my time just lying.

I always believed in horoscope predictions.

The rights, the wrongs , the time spent in judgement.

The future , Our lives, The careers , The flow

We confined ourselves to some metaphoric parchment.

Through all those times, We should have remembered what we let go.

I wish I had some more time to be nice to you.

Some more time to tell you about,

all the wonderful things that you do.

I wish I had a photo of the day you took me out.

Subway and McDonald's coke thrown on the road,

Honey, I swear when I'm in front of you ,

My heart comes to my throat.

Can I still have that shirt stripped in blue?

Do these all seem like random pen actions

Thrown in with a rhyming scheme?

I know I'll be successful in writing poem if it provokes a reaction.

So tell me, What do I get? - A tear , a smile or A big beam?

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